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On Containers

In which I write a blog post somewhere else.

As you may or may not know, I founded a company (Skyliner) with some friends at the beginning of the year, focused on making it easier to set up and operate web applications on AWS.

I just wrote an article about our approach to containers and the economics underlying that approach.

My co-founder Dan McKinley–he of the “choose boring technology” motto–wrote an excellent article on how Skyliner deploys your applications and why we built it like that.

My other co-founder, Marc Hedlund–previously the VP of Engineering at Stripe and Etsy before that–needs to finish his blog post about why we’re not a traditionally VC-funded company. *ahem*

I have some thoughts about how Skyliner is the philosophical extension of my work with projects like Dropwizard, but I’ll save them for later.